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E.I.C. Emission Inspector Certification Training
16.5 HOURS   TUITION $195.00

This course is to certify students to perform Emission Inspections. Student must be 18 years old and present a valid driverís license the first night of the class and before taking tests.

What is expected from you the student.

  • Present photo ID when requested.
  • Read and comprehend English.
  • Be present and on time for all classes.
  • Be attentive.
  • Perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • Fulfill all reading assignments on your own.
  • Take notes on the information being presented.
  • Take a one hour final exam. (50 Questions 70% required for passing)
  • Take Computer Based Tactile Test. (100% required for passing)

    If you fail either test you may schedule a retest for a $30.00 fee. If you fail your second attempt you will need to repeat the complete 16.5 hour course.

    Inspector License is Valid for 2 Years and you Will need to Recertify. You can Recertify up to Six months prior to Your Expiration Date.

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